Successful 2017 Maumee River Cleanup Day!

by | Oct 8, 2017 | BCS Management

We are very pleased with the results of the inaugural river cleanup day hosted by BCS Management and Maumee Rentals!

Several local businesses and members of the community volunteered their time and any chance of having clean shoes to give the first miles of the Maumee River a much needed cleanup.  We spent a lot of time removing trash from the shore and pulling larger refuse, including tires and metal barrels, from the water. Others used canoes provided by Maumee Rentals, a new canoe livery based in nearby Antwerp, OH, to collect the islands of trash floating at the top of the river bends.

Maumee River Trash

trash island

We are very proud of all of the progress that we made on Saturday. Our hope for next year is that we have more manpower. While we were able to pull a significant amount of trash from the river, we were unable to get to invasive plants or reseeding. Please consider joining us next year so that we may make an even larger impact in our community.



The Maumee River starts in Fort Wayne, IN and flows northeast through Ohio until it reaches Lake Erie. Several cities and towns along the way rely on this river for drinking water as well as recreational activity.

The first section of the river that was focused on for this clean up effort, from the Maumee River dam at North Anthony and Niagra Drive to Kreager Park, is the most neglected, polluted and generally unappealing part of the entire river.  Due to several sources of negligence, places downstream such as Toledo, are suffering from a major water quality issue that’s even been discussed in a recent  New York Times article.

We are honored to be recognized in The Journal Gazette‘s Weekly Scorecard as “winners” for our work at this event.  Check it out here: Weekly Scorecard

Fort Wayne Maumee River


While many hands make light work, we especially want to thank the following local businesses who not only showed up to help but went above and beyond to make our event a success!

Ted Nitza, president of The Secant Group visited from New York. Ken Davenport, GM of Park Place on Main, was late for dinner service in order to complete his old tire and rusty barrel pulling service.  Unfortunately we do not have a photo of Ken and Ted completely covered in river mud and trash slime, maybe next time!

Ken Davenport Maumee River Cleanup

Ken Davenport – master trash picker

Ted Nitza The Secant Group

Ted Nitza pulling tires and….sweatshirts?









MJM Mechanical pulled the two trailerloads from the 2.5 miles of River Greenway to one central location point for collection.

Last but certainly not least, the best coffee shop in town, Old Crown Coffee Roasters hooked us up with some coffee and let us completely overflow their onsite dumpster for the cause.


The Secant Group Maumee River

The Secant Group
Engineering and Program Management

Park Place on Main Maumee River

Perfect spot for small gatherings or large corporate gatherings. To book your reservations please call (260) 420-8633

“Quality is not just something we say, it is in everything we do.”

Old Crown Coffee Roasters Maumee River

We roast it. We blend it. We love it!! Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee.