Municipal Administration


Agendas and Minutes

As required by law, boards and commissions are to hold public meetings that can be accessible to their community’s citizens and provide a written record of the meeting’s discussions. 

We can handle the drafting and management of all board meeting Agendas and Minutes, allowing the board to focus on the tasks at hand while providing full transparency to the community. Maintaining public transparency helps with keeping the community engaged and well informed.  

Financial Management

A uniform and detailed system of cost accounting is an important part of the operation of a utility. The cost accounting program becomes a valuable tool in: 

  • The setting of equitable rates for all users 
  • The planning of improvements 
  • The preparation of budgets 
  • The establishing of public credibility in the operation of the facility

Utility Billing Services

We provide comprehensive billing services. Our per customer billing rate includes full printing, mailing and even supplemental information “bill stuffers” as required to communicate or share with your customer base. We have even designed bills and bill maps for municipalities that are transitioning to a standard bill format from the payment books or postcard billing styles.

Standard Operating Procedures

Having Standard Operating Procedures allows your organization to run smoothly and effectively, serving as the baseline requirements for all parties to adhere to. Written instruction for all aspects of your operation ensures consistent performance and accountability of your workforce, whether employed or contracted. Having standardized procedures for your operation can also become crucial in the case of any transfer of ownership or management.