Financial Management

BCS Management can assist with any level of budget planning, preparation and financial management for governmental and municipal organizations. With a deep understanding of municipalities and a team of experienced project managers and project administrators, we are uniquely qualified in developing a detailed system of cost accounting for utilities. 

Operations Budgets

Our operations budgeting services play a key role for ensuring that all users have an equitable rate for municipal services. A vital part of operations is making sure that customers can manage their rates and that they are calculated fairly and priced accordingly.

Planning Improvements

A detailed operations budget allows organizations and municipalities to monitor trends and make suggestions for improvements over time.

Budget Management

BCS Management is available to take an active consultative approach for organizations in budget preparation. Oftentimes, our third-party perspective has been beneficial to utilities, allowing us to uncover new efficiencies and present the best options with objectivity. 

The development of an operations budget plays to the credibility in the operation of a facility. It’s a sign that the organization is aligned with certain checks and balances, with standards in place that provide some transparency for rates.

Financial Administration

Accurate, timely, and conscientious. General bookkeeping, bond payments, lien administration AP/AR management and reporting are all part of the services we and our CPA partners provide. Monthly financial reports are generated to enable transparency, accountability and identification of areas for operational improvement. Indiana Gateway reporting is included.