GovWeb is a division of BCS Management dedicated to creating user-friendly websites for municipalities, special districts, and related industries. We believe that all websites should be well designed, easy to use, and full of relevant information. Great government websites showcase the area’s best assets, offer valuable services and operate as a resource to keep communities engaged and informed.



GovWeb Website Development Process

Our website development process is standardized but websites are as unique as the entities they represent. We work closely with our clients to deliver websites with the design and functionality specified to meet the needs of the community and ultimately reduce administrative work for municipalities.

We break down our process into 4 concrete phases, utilizing time tested strategies and communicating every step of the way. We demystify the process and provide entry points for input along the way. The following outlines our development process for both rebuilds and updates to existing sites.





Collaborative Development

All website projects begin with a planning meeting with the client where we learn about primary goals, needs, and wishes for a new website. We develop an information architecture which determines “what goes where”. This important step allows us to identify gaps in written copy photographs, and other relevant information needed for the site. From there, we internally create an organized project work plan for each member of our GovWeb team.

Design Phase


The design phase takes all of the information and feedback that we’ve gathered from planning meetings, copywriting and information gathering and is translated into web page mockups. We present a few options for clients to choose from so there are no surprises as the site begins being developed. At this time, options for branding, logos and any additional photography are presented as well. 

Website Build-Out


Next, we set up a “development site” which is a new site with its own web address that is not visible to the public. Our developer uses this site to build the approved design concepts into a website without touching the existing site. At this point in the process, a majority of the work has already been done! We assemble, adjust and test in the development site and the final product begins to take shape.

Website Launch

After the website is developed, we send a link of the development site to clients for review. It’s when we take feedback and make any final adjustments before we prepare to make the site live. Once the site is ready to go, our technical team moves the site to your web address or replaces your old site on the existing web address and you’re live with a shiny new website!

GovWeb Website Features for Municipalities


  • Easy Navigation
  • “Findability” on search engines through optimization
  • Professional Photography 
  • Custom Copywriting
  • Integrated Virtual Meeting Tools
  • Community Calendars
  • Integrated Bill Pay applications
  • Forms, Ordinances, Agendas, Minutes, etc. 
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