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Putting the Pieces Together. Not Just a Tagline.

The value of a professional services organization is its people. We work hard to ensure every member of the BCS team brings professionalism, expertise and value to our clients.

What We Do.

BCS Management is a management-consulting firm based in Roanoke, IN. We pride ourselves on our  professionalism, technical and creative skills and our ability to uniquely bring these skill sets together to make effective results happen for our clients. Our core service provisions include: project management, project  administration, system optimization, municipal administration, web development and website maintenance.  Facilitating clean water efforts and promoting environmental stewardship is at the root of everything we do at BCS.

“Our objective is to bring forward thinking and modern services to industries that are typically lagging. We want to disrupt the “way things have always been done” where it is beneficial to the communities we serve. Promoting environmental stewardship and creating cleaner water is at the root of all that we do.”

Lana Beregszazi
Founder and CEO

Meet Our Team

Lana Beregszazi

Founder and CEO

Andy Jackson

Web and Technology Administrator

Davis Lamm

Municipal Project Manager

Jason Rister

Technical and Back End Development Lead

Christopher McKim

Marketing Strategy and Web Maintenance

Client Testimonials 

BCS Management is a certified Woman Owned Business (MWBE) in the State of Indiana.