Owner’s Representatives

Owner’s Representatives Services for
Sanitary Sewer Projects

We provide comprehensive management and coordination of all pre-construction project activities for sanitary sewer infrastructure projects. No engineer, consultant, contractor or other vendor shares the owner’s comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of the owner’s representative. We apply our experience with technical, financing and legal issues specific to the sanitary sewer infrastructure industry to minimize our clients’ risk. Sanitary sewer projects are often associated

with a unique combination of public relations and land acquisition challenges that are not as significant with other infrastructure types. Project types include but are not limited to collection system expansions, septic elimination projects, collections system upgrades, treatment plants, and regulatory only. 

Project Coordination
and Planning

As owner’s representatives, we provides insights, drive planning activities, and set communication expectations before a project begins.  Ideally, an owner’s representative is brought on board before any decisions about elements of the project are finalized.


  • Prepare the project planning summary document
  • Develop a comprehensive project budget
  • Generate a high level project master schedule
  • Develop financing options and recommendations
  • Facilitate ongoing project working team meetings
  • Work to resolve issues quickly and informally
  • Distribute progress reports and maintain project documentation

Design and
Construction Administration

During design and construction, the owner’s rep is the primary interface between engineers, prime contractors and other consultants and the project owner. Consolidated project status reports and other relevant updates are provided to the owner on a regular basis.

  • Conduct contractor selection with analysis of bids received
  • Serve as primary point of contact for all engineering, design, and specification decisions on behalf of the owner
  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings
  • Assist with obtaining permits and other regulatory approvals
  • Arrange and oversee temporary onsite facilities like wastewater holding tanks and mobile offices
  • Track and report all final inspections 

Land Acquisition, Regulatory and Public Relations

Easement Acquisition and Direct Land Purchase 

  • Establish contact with property owners
  • Negotiate option terms and price 
  • Collect necessary signatures 
  • Record easements after approval by owner’s counsel

Management of CTA Development and Expansion

  • Assist in drafting letters of support
  • Assist in creating pre-filled testimonies
  • Complete application documents and exhibits for approval by owner’s counsel
  • Draft and deliver all state-mandated public and nearby utility notifications

Developer Agreement Negotiations 

  • Work with developers to determine necessary utility projects
  • Data compilation and development for regulatory actions and petitions
  • Customer count and usage data collection for rate increase and territorial expansion petitions
  • Finance and operations analysis for rate increase filings

Public Meetings and Stakeholder Presentations

  • Serve as expert witnesses in presenting the owner’s project to the public and governing bodies
  • Manage public meeting logistics like notices, venue reservation, audio / visual equipment, and more
  • Field questions and provide education to concerned customers or constituents