INDOT Compliance for Roads and Bridges

Counties and towns across the state depend on federal and state grant funding to complete new projects and maintain existing infrastructure. As the demand for grants makes competition very strong, state and federal grant organizations are paying very close attention to the regulatory compliance of grantees. However, many towns and counties in Indiana lack the time and resources to complete the paperwork and tasks necessary to earn compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Indiana Department of Transportation. BCS Management is ready to fill the void, equipped with the relationships and resources to quickly bring local governments into compliance with state ADA requirements, federal ADA requirements, and INDOT reporting requirements.

Routine INDOT Compliance Roadway Asset Management

INDOT requires roadway asset managers to provide an asset inventory and management plan every year. The timeliness and quality of these annual compliance items can affect a town, city, or county’s ability to secure state or federal grants. BCS has the ability to save time and money by completing annual INDOT compliance for your municipal administrators.

INDOT ADA Compliance

Every town, city, and county in the state is in a different state of compliance with Indiana and federal ADA requirements. BCS Management has experience achieving compliance for local governments, whether they need a few updated document updates or a complete compliance overhaul. Using our decades of experience and proven project management approach, BCS can achieve compliance quickly and at a lower cost than traditional consultants or law firms.

Grant Application Management

Competition for state and federal infrastructure grants is extremely high and growing. BCS can give local leaders who want an edge in competition the support they need to find, apply for, and deploy grant funding. As a contractor, BCS is able to focus its resources on a grant while local government employees continue normal operations. This arrangement prevents the need to hire more full time employees and keeps grant efforts focused so they don’t fall to the wayside during normal operations. BCS has experience helping clients compete for and win grant awards from sources including Community Crossings, SRF, and the EDA.