Septic Elimination

Tens of thousands of onsite septic systems in Indiana are failing or illegally discharging. Finding cost-effective, alternative solutions for this environmental issue can be complex, delicate and time consuming. We have created a repeatable process for addressing these projects that creates a win-win for all parties involved.

Communications and PR

Effective project communications and public relations are critical elements to successful projects that are often overlooked. Public Works projects often impact residents and businesses before, during, and after project construction. Ensuring the value and need for certain projects are properly communicated often positively impacts project schedules.

Roads and Bridges

Project Management and administration services for more efficient and cost-effective projects with transparency for owners and the community. We can provide a variety of services in the Right of Way Acquisition Services Category, in addition to our specialty services which are uncategorized by INDOT.

BCS Management is certified as a Women Owned Enterprise (WBE), which will assist in reaching project diversity requirements.