Launch Email Marketing Campaigns, Not Spam

by | Sep 1, 2017 | BCS Management, Marketing, Writing Services

Spam Mail = Bad Mail. Keep your Email Campaign in the Inbox Folder

Spammy Email Campaigns

Thanks to user-friendly services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, it’s never been easier to blast off emails to existing and potential customers. Unfortunately, just because it’s easy, that doesn’t automatically make it effective. 

Personalization and Targeting

Prior to launching a campaign, it’s important to consider different categories of a customer base. Email lists can be segmented based on any number of criteria to ensure that the messaging is appropriate for the recipient. For example, creating filters for both new customers and existing customers would allow for more specific and personalized messaging. Narrowing the scope of campaigns can result in valuable audience insights.


The time of day can play a big part in whether or not an email is even seen. While it may seem obvious not to launch a campaign to a variety of users at 3a.m., other strategies are less intuitive. Depending on the company, weekday lunchtimes or popular times to send emails.


For some, it can be difficult knowing how often to send campaigns. There’s a balance to achieve between not communicating enough to be remembered and sending emails every single day (I’m looking at you, Papa John’s).


Even if the email content is top notch, email marketing can still get a boost with a striking design. The adage “people eat with their eyes” comes to mind.


Perhaps most importantly, senders should be able to easily identify how the reader will benefit from the email. Whether the perks include information, promotions, rewards, or something else; sending emails with value is key to a quality email campaign.

BCS specializes in executing email campaigns. From planning to launch and reporting, we can customize email campaigns that produce results.