So You Aren’t Getting Many Worthwhile RFQs?

by | Oct 28, 2016 | BCS Management, Marketing, Project Management

 We’ve heard it time and time again:

“I built my business off of my network.  We stop into a lobby with a box of donuts and then write some business.  That doesn’t seem to be how things really work anymore.”

Times have changed for getting RFQs.

Even many specialty components in the supply chain have become commoditized and price slashed over and over. The globally competitive market and digital age have impacted how companies must manage their supply chain. 

Even though the landscape has shifted, an integral aspect of business hasn’t changed: relationships. That’s why you’ll never hear anyone suggest doing away with a sales department. Because the people showing up get things done. However, it’s never been more necessary for companies to leverage available online communication tools and methods to use them as an extension of their salesforce efforts. The result? The ability to unlock and manage more potential business has ever been accessible before.

Here’s the reality of the situation: there are countless companies vying for the attention of supply chain decision makers to get RFQs at any given time. But luckily, whenever real business is on the line, there has to be a level of trust involved. Sales teams can stand out by using online resources to provide targets with clearly defined value propositions, information, support and more.

Sure, some companies are out to choose the lowest bidder every single time. But the ability to efficiently target prospects will drive more engagement than ever before. Because after all, sales is just a numbers game. Plus, online outreach can help identify and bypass these types of organizations much earlier than ever before.  At BCS we offer these services in a proven lead generation model. Utilizing a unique hybrid of sales and marketing, we partner with our clients to analyze all aspects of the current market, build a list of targets, find real opportunities and deliver results.