Organization for Creativity

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Marketing

The entertainment industry often portrays “creative professionals” as individuals with cluttered desks and stacks of paper with scribbled notes. However, organization efforts go a long way in curating creative projects. Using various apps and resources can boost productivity and enhance your final product. In this article, we’ll cover some tools that we use to organize creative projects. Whether it’s design or writing, structure improves the process.


Task Manager Tools

Whether it’s writing or design, all projects can be broken down into tasks. BCS Management has used Asana for both task creation and project timelines. Setting realistic goals and managing the pieces of creative projects helps keep them on schedule and on budget.

Note Taking

Evernote (and similar apps) have proved to be excellent tools for idea generation and sorting thoughts. Sticky notes can be lost, but having a digital version can be a productive organizational tool. During copywriting projects, information can be pulled and sorted.

Recording devices have also been instrumental in our work. The ability to record a conversation during the research phase of a website project or article creation has been invaluable. A recording ensures that no information is lost, allowing us to focus on the conversation with the subject expert.

Strategy Meetings

Creative projects are the combined effort of everyone at BCS Management. As such, we find success in holding strategy meetings to evaluate ideas through brainstorming. For tips on how to have a productive brainstorming meeting, check out our past article on the subject!