So, You’re Having a Brainstorming Session…

by | Jun 21, 2017 | BCS Management, Marketing

How can your brainstorming session extract the best ideas?

Almost any organization can benefit from a brainstorming session. Inevitably, there will come a time for a project, event, or even a problem which will require ideas from as many people as possible.

As a business providing management, marketing and technical services, we find ourselves in brainstorming sessions on a regular basis. This type of collaboration works not only for generating the best ideas, but also getting everyone in the organization engaged, improves communication and reinforces a sense of ownership in carrying out the new endeavors.

In order to make the most efficient use of time, there’s a little more to it than just posting up in room with a giant whiteboard to spitball ideas.  


preparing for brainstorming

Depending on the urgency of the topic of discussion, it’s generally good to give the attendees some notice of the meeting. People work in all different styles. And while some ideas appear on-the-spot, giving people time to think about the topic at hand, everyone can arrive in the right mindset. Encouraging the team to bring along a few ideas is another way to maximize the time.


There are a number of different exercises and methodologies for brainstorming sessions. Depending on the objective, some may be more appropriate than others, as some focus on creativity and others on problem solving, etc.  

Try out some of these exercises next time:


Write everything down. Even if the idea will positively not be used. Sometimes unfavorable ideas help to further narrow the scope, and get closer to inspiring a solution. The other positive aspect of writing everything down is to help encourage participation from everyone. Immediately disregarding input can make others hesitant to share thoughts. And while some can argue that irrelevant ideas stifle progress, reserved participants who are hesitant to give input can easily be more counterproductive.

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