Here Goes First Quarter – Progress Check

by | Feb 6, 2020 | BCS Management, Economic Development, Municipalities, Website Development

First Quarter Will Be Over Before We Know It

So, How Is It Going?

It seems like just last week we posted about “setting the world on fire” in 2020 and creating a specific plan for meeting fiscal goals.  That was in December of 2019 and it seems that first quarter will be over in the blink of an eye.

Since putting together a fiscal plan in December, that plan has been reviewed, critiqued and revised about 46 times.  A good plan should be revisited frequently for actions, tracking, and adjustments. Things never go according to even the best documented plan – for the better or for the worse. Who knew?

Our 2020 plan and associated goals are based on the financial side of the business.  Metrics such as annual, quarterly and monthly revenue goals are laid out by person and billable hours.  What was not well addressed is what kinds of projects, what kinds of services and what kinds of skills should be deployed towards these goals. 

You can’t be everything to everyone. Pick an industry, find your niche and be the best at what you do and you can’t go wrong.

We have been increasingly focused on the municipal industry with a niche focus in water and wastewater projects and administration. Our current focus programs have enabled specific staffing for the provision of these services at an expert level at a much lower cost to the municipality than a direct hire. 

  • Sanitary sewer expansion project management
  • Septic elimination project development and community outreach
  • Billing and administrative services for Utilities and Regional Sewer Districts
  • Utility infrastructure assessments
  • Owner’s representative services

What’s New?

  • Grant Schouweiler is our most recent hire.  Grant is a Biologist with a keen interest and experience in the operational optimization of wastewater treatment plants, using science.

Project Administrator Grant Schouweile

  • GovWeb –  We have taken our previous web experience in a variety of industries and focused our efforts and capabilities on what governmental agencies need. This is website development and maintenance for municipal entities.

  • System Optimization for Wastewater Treatment Plants – capacity utilization is a common concern with cities and their operators.  Through alternative approaches and understanding the true “health” of your plant’s microbes, we can make the most of the capacity you already have.

  • Economic Development Management Support – We spoke on the relationship between economic development and infrastructure at the 2019 IACC Conference in Indianapolis.  As wastewater and water project initiators, we are now providing economic development support services such as parcel inventory development, Economic Development Plans and site readiness planning and implementation services.

We are on our way to closing a very solid and financially on track 1st quarter with more program, employee and new venture announcements coming very soon. Stay tuned!