Five Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated Through the Holidays

by | Nov 19, 2018 | BCS Management, Project Management

It’s that time of year again. People are cashing in unused vacation days before 2018 runs out. Paid holidays, sick days, family get togethers, last minute Christmas shopping. But there’s still so much to do before year-end close out.

Those deadlines don’t stop for the holidays and those budgets aren’t going to make themselves. How do you stay motivated and keep your team running with all the chaos, and holiday magic flying through the air? Here are some things that keep us motivated.

Get Festive

Just because you have to be at the office doesn’t mean you can’t add a little holiday cheer to your workspace. Many offices put up decorations during the holiday season. Maybe have an ugly Christmas sweater day at the office (it makes for a great social media post!).


Make a list

Write down everything  you need to get accomplished between now and December 31st.


Keep a schedule

Now that you have your list created, set up a timeline. Come up with reasonable due dates for each task. Prioritize, from what needs done the soonest, to what can wait until later. Add them to your calendar, or project management software. Set reminder before the due date so they don’t pile up at the last minute.

Use your tools

We make it a habit to post something on social media every day of the work week. This year Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fall during that time frame. Are we going to pause Thanksgiving dinner to come up with a post? Absolutely not, and we don’t want our team to be thinking about work during family time. Most social media platforms have a schedule option built in.

  • Create your post
    • Schedule it for a specified later date
    • Forget about it
    • Receive social engagement and reach while enjoying family time

Reward yourself

Scratching a line through a completed task is satisfying, but so is leaving the office early because you got everything done for the day. Maybe you have too much going on to leave early for the day? You can pop out to get a cup of hot chocolate to celebrate getting a few tasks completed. Give yourself mini “treats” to keep you going.


The end of the year can get rather hectic but it’s also the perfect time to reflect and take note of lessons learned throughout the year. Doing so will help you and your team figure out what worked, what needed some extra attention, and how you can do better in the new year.