“First Flush” signifies progress in SE Jefferson Township in Whitley County

by | Dec 3, 2019 | BCS Management

Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm continues environmentally friendly efforts with installation of new sanitary sewer system.

Joseph Decuis is a familiar name in northeast Indiana and a destination dining experience for foodies around the nation.  Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm is not only known for its award winning wagyu beef but for the commitment the business has made to environmental stewardship and eco-friendly practices in operations. Today marks the completion of a new sanitary sewer installation project that was initiated and privately financed by the owners of the farm. 

Project stakeholders and team members met on Monday December 2nd to confirm final functional testing of the system with what some in the sanitary sewer industry refer to as the ‘first flush event’. The first flush is the first time that wastewater from a facility goes into sanitary sewer on it’s way to a treatment facility instead of a septic field or tank system as it did before.

The new sewer line had to be nearly a mile and a half long in order to reach a connection point just over the county line in Allen County. The low pressure line was installed by directional drilling along county road 900S and has capacity for additional connections in the future. The line was installed by A&B Boring of Huntington, IN. 

“The new line offers area residents whose properties are nearby an opportunity to connect to sewer and alleviate any concerns of aging septic systems.” said Jeff Gard, Area Manager of Aqua Indiana. An additional service was added for a private residence near the northwest corner of County Line Road 900 and County Line Road. “Aqua IN is pleased to be a part of this project and the potential development opportunity that it creates in Whitley County.”

“The addition of private sewer is part of our ongoing effort to make our operation as environmentally friendly as we possibly can,” said Pete Eshelman, an owner of Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm and restaurant. “The availability of this sewer line also creates an opportunity for future development along CR 900S and gives our neighbors an option for connection in the future.”

“New sanitary sewer infrastructure eliminates a lot of environmental concerns,” said Project Manager Lana Beregszazi of BCS Management. “No matter how well-maintained septic systems are, the nature of the soil in Indiana and the inherent potential risks of septic malfunction pose a threat. The new system opens up the opportunity for increased production on the farm without adverse impact to the environment. 

Joseph Decuis restaurant was named as the best eco-friendly restaurant in Indiana in 2018. The farm produces wagyu beef and grows more than 150 varieties of vegetables and herbs. The new sanitary sewer line that was installed as part of an ongoing mission to reduce their ecological footprint.