GovWeb: Essential Website Upgrades

by | May 21, 2020 | GovWeb, Marketing

The value of a well-functioning website cannot be overstated. The website information architecture should provide an intuitive experience, guiding users to the information that they are searching for. It’s easy to get “website blind,” especially if the site hasn’t been updated in awhile.

A good exercise is to visit your website searching for a specific answer, imagining that you haven’t been there before.

  • Are the headers clear?
  • Is contact information readily available?

Information Updates

In many cases, cities and towns are legally required to provide meeting information such as minutes and agendas. Providing website visitors with updated information that’s prominently displayed is any easy way to fulfill requirements and improve website retention. Many times, we see government websites which still operate with small news banners or older website calendar plugins. Dedicated posts on a dedicated news page give readers the opportunity to easily share informational links and also allow cities or towns to make the page available on search engines.


Search Engine Optimization

Cities, counties and towns consider themselves local resources for area residents. Prioritizing SEO best practices ensures that your website is easily found by your community. Making sure that pages are optimized for search engines can help increase local visibility. This can be achieved by using key phrases within your website along with updated content, link building, and unique photos. SEO strategy changes constantly, so investing time towards an ongoing strategy can payoff significantly.

Workflow Updates

A great website can actually reduce the amount of administrative work for cities, towns and counties. More and more, ebilling options are being integrated into websites reducing the need for in-person visits. Additionally, a functional website can reduce the amount of phone calls seeking information allowing city, town and county employees to focus on other work items and initiatives.

Now more than ever, workers are counting on the functionality of their websites. If you’re looking to integrate tools for public meetings or want to streamline information for visitors, contact us.