Client Spotlight: Montgomery County RDC Website Launch

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Client Spotlight, GovWeb

Montgomery County IN

Redevelopment Commission Launches New Website with Economic Development Focus

BCS Management has had the pleasure of working on behalf of the Montgomery County Redevelopment Commission to help target growth in the county’s Development Focus Areas. In conjunction with our networking and boots on the ground efforts, BCS has developed a website for the Montgomery County RDC, through BCS GovWeb This new website serves as a dedicated digital platform that highlights the efforts and investments the county RDC has made to create shovel ready sites and promote economic development in the county.

The site includes mapping of Development Focus Areas as identified in the Economic Development Vision Plan as well as ongoing infrastructure projects. Multiple organizations have largely contributed to the county’s economic development mission through their own specialized efforts.

The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) has made major strides in developing an aerostat network to provide broadband service to rural areas, bringing a new age of precision agriculture to the 10-county network’s agricultural economy.




Conexus Indiana, with their Manufacturing Readiness Grant Program, is helping bring communities like Montgomery County into the 4th Industrial Revolution by investing in advance manufacturing through the emergence of new technology and processes.


Purdue University, being world renowned for their research and development in agriculture and engineering, serves as a vital source of knowledge for such industries. Ivy Tech Community College has also concentrated efforts in precision agriculture with their new Precision Agriculture Technology Program, which was all made possible through the WHIN Impact Grant.

Montgomery County RDC

As you can see, many great things are happening in Montgomery County to make it a prime location to live, work and invest in your business. Our website for the RDC serves as a central access point, consolidating all of these resources and initiatives into one platform.

See for yourself all the exciting development is Montgomery County at!