2017: New Year, New Goals – BCS Management can help

by | Dec 27, 2016 | BCS Management

It’s that time of year again. While many people are contemplating personal resolutions, businesses are putting the finishing touches on plans for the upcoming year. In many organizations, this re-evaluation leads to projects and initiatives that require shifting of priorities to achieve the goals for the new year.

If your goal is to become more organized, to streamline processes, launch a marketing initiative or freshen things up – say website and marketing materials, you’re probably going to need to employ some skills that aren’t on staff.  As we know, these projects will take time from your normal responsibilities which is what usually leads to their ultimate demise.  Like many of our personal resolutions, life (or regular business) happens and these initiatives suffer the same unfortunate fate as our 5x weekly gym sessions.

There is a simple, headache free solution to this situation and this is where our service packages come into play. BCS Management takes an active role, partnering with clients to fill in organizational gaps using project management, marketing and lead generation, creative services, HR management, and any combination of these organizational support services tailored to meet exact client needs. We lead the staffing, the requirements planning and management of your project and initiative and work closely with your team to maintain accountability and completion of projects.  Learn more about each of our service areas by clicking the links below:

  • Management Services: writing, HR, process planning
  • Technical Services: Enterprise integrations, web and app development, technical project management
  • Marketing : web presence, custom blogs and marketing materials for government organizations and municipalities

We specialize in helping companies put the pieces together, whether it’s completing special projects or launching a campaign to kickstart sales for the coming year. As your organization reviews 2017 initiatives, be sure to contact us about support options for your business, we would love to help!

Email: info@bcs-management.com to schedule a free consultation.