Transparency in Social Media Builds Brand Trust

by | Jan 24, 2018 | BCS Management, Marketing

Transparency in social media builds brand trust

Social media platforms were not built for selling products and services. They were built as a means of connecting with people online.

Think of social media platforms as a channel to communicate with your target audience. Start a conversation.

“You’re not marketing to businesses you’re marketing to people who happen to be decision makers for businesses.”

Dave Kerpen Likeable Social Media


What made you first choose our product? What do you want to see us create next? What can we do better?

Asking questions allows your audience to lead the conversation. After all, without them, you wouldn’t be in business. Depending on the type of questions asked, you can learn various things about the state of your business. Social media is a casual forum for people to voice their opinions and feelings. Use this to identify ways to meet their needs.


The scariest part about asking your audience questions is that it can lead to difficult answers. If you ask, “What can we do better?” you may not receive positive answers.

This a great opportunity to respond to concerns and frustrations that your customers may have. By not shying away from negative feedback you are building trust with your audience.


In a public forum such as social media, people are watching how you respond to both positive and negative comments. Taking action shows that you care and want to address issues directly.

Not replying to messages, comments or complaints shows indifference. It is important to set up policies and procedures that address how to respond to negative feedback. Make sure everyone on your team knows what steps need to be taken if this happens.

How you respond to a complaint may cause you to lose a customer or gain a new brand advocate.