Container Packaging Systems Introduces “No Glug” Pourfection Pail™

by | Aug 1, 2017 | BCS Management, Client Spotlight

No Glug Pail Solves Problems

Our client Container Packaging Systems, LLC is a manufacturer and designer of dispensing systems, spouts and industrial closures located in Fort Wayne, IN. Products are developed to solve common, costly, and even hazardous challenges that the packaging industry face.  The most recent of which happens to address all three. The innovative “no glug” Pourfection Pail™ drastically reduces risk of splash and spill.

The product is a vented pail cover solution designed for the safe and smooth transfer of liquid product, making it ideal for customers working with hazardous chemicals as well as those looking to eliminate a risk of spill. The product’s venting feature is molded into the pail cover and produces a perfect glug-free pour during applications by relieving pressure through proper air release and funneling of fluids.


Prior to the product’s inception, the liquid product transfer process always involved varying degrees of splashing and spilling as a result of poor ventilation. Container Packaging System’s Owner, Jon Stratton, designed and developed the pail cover to establish separate flow paths for air and liquid and prevent glugging. Using the molding process of the pail cover to form the component, the Pourfection Pail™ is firmly and securely in place for each application, allowing contents to move smoothly through the pour spout to save product and reduce safety risks.

Company Information

Container Packaging Systems, LLC is dedicated to the design/manufacture of quality dispensing systems and closures, meticulously designed with the end-user in mind. Established in 2004, we provide innovative faucets, spouts, drum bungs and closures to a wide variety of markets.

As industry experts, Container Packaging Systems drives innovation in the packaging/container market, with the design and development of no glug dispensing solutions while in turn still offering customers certified, high-quality, and customizable options at the best price possible.