GovWeb Client Spotlight: Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Client Spotlight, GovWeb

Behind every great lake town or city, there is a group of dedicated individuals monitoring the structures that are crucial to maintaining water levels. In turn, this ensures safe activities and great summer memories for all.



About Turkey Creek DDCD

Turkey Creek DDCD oversees water level management for Lake Wawasee, Syracuse Lake, and Lake Papakeechie. Newly formed in 2021, they required a website for more community visibility on water level/safety, and to keep constituents informed about rehabilitation projects for water level management structures. 


What is a Conservancy District?

A conservancy district provides a mechanism by which landowners, through a circuit court process can organize a special taxing district to solve specific local issues related to water resource management.


Conservancy Website Mission


BCS worked with Turkey Creek DDCD to create an informative website for their community and constituents (we had a lot of fun visiting their beautiful lakes in the process). Their website was designed to be a community resource for project updates and educational information on the importance of the water level management structures. We are also helping them implement a live water level metering so that visitors can better plan for safe lake activities.

Every aspect of the website was designed with the goal of residents and visitors becoming even more invested in the health and safety of their lakes.



We always enjoy taking on special district projects for our GovWeb program. To learn more about how a website can help the efforts of your special district, contact our Marketing Manager Christopher McKim!