Five Reasons to Support Your Local Small Business

by | Sep 25, 2018 | BCS Management

Five Reasons to Support A local Small Business

Small Business Network

As the old saying goes, “it’s all about who you know.” Local businesses owners tend to work together and create a small business network.  Local leaders and organizations understand each other’s struggles and goals and work to meet the needs of the community. Through that network you can tap into a lot of talent, especially in niche markets.

Less Red Tape

Many times people start their own business because they are tired of rules and regulations, procedures and restrictions that corporations have. Small businesses are run by people who want to do things their way. Projects can be completed faster because many times you are able to work directly with the top decision maker at a smaller company.


When business owners have complete control of their company they are are able to come up with creative ways to address certain issues, products and services. These ideas and designs can create new job markets and niche industries to meet the needs of the community that another company may not have the time or resources to address.

The money stays in the community

You’re supporting your neighbors. The money spent on that product or service is going to help pay for an employee’s rent payment, a grocery bill, their child’s tuition payment. This helps grow the local economy and builds a stronger community.

Smaller carbon footprint

Not only is the money staying in the community but so are the products. Planes, trains, boats and trucks are used to move products across the country and even the world. These methods of transportation are not required if the products remain in the area, which helps keep carbon emissions down.

Sometimes small local companies get overlooked because they may not have access to the audience or money that can easily be obtained by large corporations. However, that does not mean they are any less qualified, in fact, they could be a better fit for what you are looking for. Next time you are in need of a service or product, look up what’s available in your area. You might be surprised at how knowledgeable your neighbors really are. Who knows, you may even gain a business contact through a transaction.