Designing a Website as a Custom Tailored Service

by | Nov 29, 2021 | BCS Management

Imagining the unlimited potential of a company website can be difficult, especially when we tend to see them all the same way – a homepage with a flashy header, some pictures layed out with text, and a top menu linking to other pages with more or less the same content. In reality, a website has the ability to house so many more features than those just described. We’ll take a look at some ways an organization can stand out by taking advantage of these highly innovative yet underutilized aspects of web design.


Interactive Embeddings

Interactive embeddings are one way in which websites can borrow visual elements from another site, making them their own. There are thousands of these to choose from, each with their own quirks and specialties. Google Trends, for example, is a web service that allows users to look up how certain keywords have changed in popularity over time. A query with several terms produces a very clean graph, which they then allow other sites to embed. The site has now gained a practical, visual element with which users can interact with directly.

Software Tools

If your company has a special piece of custom software, a website can provide a simple entry point for users all over the world. Your tool can be running on a single host, taking requests as user input and sending back responses as output for potentially thousands of users in a single moment. Think about sites that do file conversion, stream media, send emails, etc. We can do the same with your software.

One-Shot User Actions

Because of the way all websites seem to be littered with pop-ups, ads, and constant redirects, sometimes a simple button that does one thing (and does it right) can offer a breath of fresh air to your users. A simple, visually appealing download button that delivers a PDF flyer exactly as expected can not only serve as an information delivery system, but will also assure your visitors that your organization isn’t the type to waste your time with a flashy “SIGN UP TO DOWNLOAD.”

If you’re looking for creative and fresh ways to make your website stand out from the crowd, contact us today.