The Region 3-A website was becoming dated and no longer showcased their expertise and quality. They approached us with a goal to build a new website that would connect with their target audience of community/government organizations and act as momentum for advancing Northeast Indiana.

Approach to Strategy

The project began with a period of research and information gathering. After meeting with Region 3-A and follow-up strategic meetings, we discovered at the heart of Region 3-A was a mission to lead Northeast Indiana towards prosperity by providing a range of specialized services. Their services include: park planning, grant writing and administration, technical GIS and transportation assistance, community and economic development assistance, and more. Question asking and thoughtful strategy were key tools during this process. This phase enabled us to get a sense of Region 3-A’s history and vision for the future. After defining their mission and guiding principles, we moved into the implementation phase. 

Look and Feel

Harnessing Region 3-A’s color palette – which was previously established in their brand identity – we began combing the unique colors to create a new look that is both modern and professional. The lochmara blue hints at Region 3-A’s leadership qualities and conveys a sense of order and direction. The slate gray adds professionalism to the brand. The touch of orange invites feelings that are both inviting and innovative; paying tribute to their collaboration efforts and regional involvement. 

Region 3-A has a wide range of projects and services that are in motion at any given time. The new website organizes such information in a structured and user-friendly manner. The use of vertical tabs helps to group content, connect related information, and save space. This allows information to be highly scannable and simple to navigate, aiding users in locating the specific information they need.



We designed a new look for the website, giving the agency a place to inform and engage with member communities, federal agencies, and neighboring regions. The scope of the web project included copywriting, updated brand imagery, responsive design, domain and hosting, blogs, analytics tracking, and SEO.