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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

“If you were car shopping and someone sent you a spreadsheet with 9,000 for-sale vehicles in it, what would you do? Would you start filtering? Isn’t this all existing searches do now?”

After 2 years of market research, software development and outsourcing of mathematical scientists, BCS Management has launched a program that combines our technical and project management expertise to help companies manage and leverage data. We organize data in a way that enables informational insights. We can transform what was previously background information into a valuable service for your employees, prospects, customers, and clients.

Data Analytics

How do online searches for home, financial products or even dating sites work? They’re filters. Do you want to filter out the love of your life because they’re blonde and you prefer brunettes?

Set your company apart by using a combination of data management services and our cutting-edge, software executable algorithm. Our dynamic platform can make use of any size or type of dataset. The cloud-based interface can be customized and configured to meet your business objectives and branding.

Sound too technical? Don’t worry, we handle the “techie part” and provide customized training and ongoing support as part of the program.

Our Process

Data Analytics

Our Product

We have built a cloud-based tool that interfaces with your data and our algorithm on a server. This enables your employees or clients to interface directly with data. It is the next generation of product selection software for any industry as it quickly ranks thousands of funds based on their best fit for your clients. This allows you to go beyond generic filtering, into seeing a ranked list of all results. Instead of giving ordinary advice, you allow for an education based conversation, supplemented by the user profile your created that finds the best fit products for your client.





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