Website Maintenance

BCS provides comprehensive website hosting and management services, overseen by highly experienced technical staff. Let us take care of the day to day maintenance, while you focus on what matters most - your business.


Reliable Hosting

BCS hosts your website with proven, high-availability, third-party hosting providers to ensure maximum uptime and reliable operation. With our hosting, we can provide domain registration and renewal, SSL, basic email services with your own domain (, and more.

Secure Development

Security and Risk Management

Our experienced staff has many years of secure software development, data security, compliance, and risk mitigation experience. Our staff can evaluate your unique requirements for potential pitfalls in these areas. We advise, as necessary, to help reduce your overall risks and ensure compliance with various data security standards. This helps to protect your website from malicious actors who seek to do you and your brand harm.

Security is integral to the entire process of website management with BCS, from initial design, through configuration and implementation, to ongoing security monitoring to ensure the system remains as secure as possible.


Social Media Management

Sure, you’re capable of managing your social media, but will you? We specialize in actively driving audience engagement, building/maintaining brand image, and identifying new prospects by analyzing the results. We use our findings to provide you with insight to audience behaviors and interests and deliver updated reports every step of the way.


Search Engine Optimization

Getting the right people to see your website can prove challenging. Our team can help create content and utilize best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices that will help ensure that qualified leads are being guided to your site. Through unique, quality photographs, design, content, link building, and consistent research we can help increase visibility. SEO strategy changes as quickly as technology changes so we are always analyzing results and adjusting accordingly to ensure that your site never becomes dated.

Built on

BCS provides websites built upon a foundation of WordPress, which is a powerful, extensible content management system (CMS), that is currently the world’s #1 CMS, powering approximately one-third of all websites in existence today, according to recent statistics. WordPress is more than just your average, everyday blogging platform; it drives some of the world’s most popular websites, including numerous government, commercial, and popular news media sites. Even the official website of the White House ( is a WordPress site!

BCS technical staff are well versed in the installation, setup, security, management, and ongoing maintenance of WordPress based sites, with well over a decade of experience with the platform, and the unique considerations with its operation.

As an extensible, community developed software, WordPress has a massive library of plugins available, to serve nearly every common need. Our team has curated a list of preferred, mature, and proven plugins and extensions, which we install as needed in order to achieve your goals for your site.

Most importantly, WordPress is built with an eye toward search engine optimisation (SEO), which is critical to ensuring that your website, your business, can be found on the top search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. BCS’s business team has the skills to leverage well-written content, appropriately placed in your WordPress system in order to ensure that your business appears high in the search results for your target keywords.

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