We look to get your system working at its optimal performance.

System Optimization

The microbial organisms within a Wastewater Treatment System are the unseen biochemists of the entire treatment operation. We offer advanced diagnostic services to assess the overall health of your system’s microbiome. Once we have assessed the needs of your system, we offer continued services such as inoculation and nutrient management to get your system working at its best.

Whether it is nutrient reduction in the wastewater treatment system, or increasing methane production for your anaerobic digester, our diagnostic and management services can help you take full advantage of your system’s capacity.

Resource Recovery

Renewable Resource Recovery is a term that has been gaining traction in the world of Wastewater Treatment and Waste Management. Resource Recovery applies a process which makes use of what would otherwise be disposed of as waste into valuable products, such as energy and raw material.

Our services allow your system to generate additional revenue streams, such as internal energy savings, power purchase agreements, biomass sales and tip fees from co-digestion.

Our Resource Recovery Management Services include:

  • Cost/Benefit analysis of system installment and program implementation.
  • Management of operations from tip fees and logistics of waste input, to sales and distribution of biomass output.
  • Co-digestion and input/output nutrient analysis.