Project Administration

Consider us a part of the team, without all the extra cost. We can pull your ideas together, facilitate team communications, organize information and meeting to ensure projects stay on track. You and your team are then able to focus on what you do best - completing project work. We help define what the goal is and use that to define the scope of the project.

  • Efficiency

    Each project has a senior project manager to ensure efficient workflow.

  • Flexibility

    Can work on site, remote, or a combination of both; can adapt to your company resources or utilize our own PM software tools.

  • Third-Party Objectivity

    As an external entity we bring an unbiased perspective to projects.

Clear Communication

Ongoing Communications

  • Stakeholder Expectation Management
  • Project Communications and Meetings Planning
  • Project Budget Reporting
  • Project Risk Reporting
Stay Organized

Project Documentation

All project phases and project management processes include the need for effective project document and communication to keep it on track. BCS Management has developed and configured a variety of project documentation templates that we have effectively used on a variety of projects. Our continuous improvement process includes refinement and updates to all of our templates to stay current and as efficient as possible. We use lessons learned at the closeout of all of our projects to enhance our templates for the next project.

Project Charter

This document establishes the projects approval processes and requirements.

Project Management Plan

This is the project road map and explains how task will be performed, handled and completed.

Statement of Work

This document is the description of the work that will be produced and delivered to complete the project.

Budget and Cost Reports

These documents are presented to stakeholders establishing budget and cost for the project.

Status and Activity Reports

These are reports produced to keep stakeholders update to date on processes and milestones during the project.

Project Scope Plan

This plan includes what activities needs to take place to complete a project. This plan is important to ensure extra activities are not being included.

Lessons Learned

This document consists of attributes that were discovered at the close of the project to establish best practices for similar future projects.

Project Communications Plan

As the name suggests this document establishes the processes to communicate the needed information to complete the project.