Project Management

BCS Management was founded on the provision of enterprise project management and executive management support services. We help executives and government organizations achieve their organizational goals and project objectives. We are one of the very few project management firms in Northeast Indiana, and the only firm that provides T&M Project Management and Administration on a part time basis.

Product Development

Team Management and Committee Coordination

Infrastructure/Municipal Projects

Web Development

T&M Approach

Maybe you just need some help getting caught up on special initiatives. You may find that a few things are regularly “slipping through the cracks” and never progress. BCS can be hired to take control of these special tasks on a time and materials and as needed. No HR headaches to deal with. Outsource it to us- we have you covered.


We staff PMP Certified project managers to ensure your project or initiative is delivered on time and on budget with the agreed upon scope.

  • Clear, effective communications at all organizational levels
  • Over a decade of enterprise tech and engineering PM experience
  • Full time or as need project support
  • PMI Certified since 2012

Why do so many projects fail?

Most reports from reputable publications claim that anywhere from 25% to 65% of tech projects end in failure or no return on investment. Almost none of these reported failures are due to tech problems but a direct result of some combination of poor planning and project management. Despite these statistics on project failure, firms continue to minimize or even disregard the importance of proper project planning when developing a timeline and budget for an upcoming project. At BCS Management, we spend as much time as our timeline will allow on proper project planning and initiating.

  • Defining the Overall Goal

    We help define what the goal is and help keep that at the forefront of all progression.

  • General Planning

    We strategically outline and implement an actionable plan to achieve the goal and stay within the scope of the project.

  • Validations and Assumptions

    It’s important to identify risks and have a strategy in place should our assumptions be validated.

  • Product Initiating Activities

    By utilizing an initial process we help clarify the project’s objective and what is needed to order to achieve those objectives.

  • Kick-Off Meetings

    This formal notification to all involved, team members, clients, and stakeholders serves as an opportunity to be sure that everyone is aware of their role in the project.

  • Getting validation and buy-in is critical to project success.