Contract Administration - Indiana Municipalities

Small and medium sized utilities may not have a sufficient customer base to justify a full-time person to handle the administration work of the utility. The town clerk or employee from another department may take on this role. Bookkeeping, paying bond payments, and sending out monthly bills to customers, can be a lot of extra work for someone to take on as a volunteer or part-time basis.

BCS Management provides contract management and administration services to municipalities and regional sewer districts in Indiana. We work with county and state officials and keep up to date with current and proposed laws, regulations and codes.

Customer Service

Bond Payments

Online Bill-Pay



Customized Time and Materials Services Model

Gateway Reporting

Lien administration

Customer Service

While digital services are quick and convenient sometimes people just want to talk to a human. Our contract administration service includes friendly, competent, full-time customer service by phone and email. Depending on region, customer count and other factors, an onsite customer service representative is also available on a full or part time basis. We create a program that is specific to the needs and expectations of the client and the customer base.


Accurate, timely, and conscience. General bookkeeping, bond payments, lien administration AP/AR management and reporting are all part of the services we and our CPA partners provide. Monthly financial reports are generated to enable transparency, accountability and identification of areas for operational improvement. Indiana Gateway reporting is included.

Board of Trustees Support

Working with board members and their legal council, we coordinate private and public meetings and prepare all relevant materials, minutes, agendas, and public meetings notices in accordance with Indiana state law. Boards stay organized, moving forward, and making the most of their time in meetings. We have also developed several operational and managerial policies, procedures and ordinances.


We provide comprehensive billing services. Our per customer billing rate includes full printing, mailing and even supplemental information “bill stuffers” as required to communicate or share with your customer base. We have even designed bills and bill maps for municipalities that are transitioning to a standard bill format from the payment books or postcard billing styles.