Contract Administration - Indiana Municipalities

Small and medium sized utilities may not have a sufficient customers base to justify a full-time person to handle the administration work of the utility. The town clerk or employee from another department may take on this role. Bookkeeping, paying bond payments, and sending out monthly bills to customers, can be a lot of extra work for someone to take on as a volunteer or part-time basis.

BCS Management provides contract management and administration services to municipalities and regional sewer districts in Indiana. We know what it takes to get everything done and we understand the importance of customer service.

Customer Service

Bond Payments

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Customized Time and Materials Services Model

Admin Fee Per Customer

Lien administration

CyberSecurity Plans - IDEM Compliant

As of July 1, 2018 SB 362 establishes new requirements for water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants applying to the department of environmental management for the issuance or amendment of a permit, including a cost-benefit analysis, a capital asset management plan, and a program to meet IDEM cybersecurity requirements.

Our unique combination of technical and documentation expertise with a focus on the administration of municipalities makes BCS Management the perfect go-to for turn key cybersecurity solutions.

Customized Solutions

BCS Management specializes in web development and website maintenance. Our team of web developers and project administrators know what it takes to make sure your customers’ information is safe and in compliance with state regulations.

  • Cyber Security Plan Development
  • Cyber Security Plan Administration
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-Billing site integration available
  • Cost Benefit Analysis