Business Writing

Business writing can be challenging for companies to tackle on their own. Content shapes the perception of a company or product image. As if that's not enough pressure, not all writing pieces are created equally. Tone and manner is always shifting depending on the objective. We're well-versed in producing focused copy, and in the development of consistent branding for clients to highlight their offerings.


BCS Management provides copywriting services for all types of business deliverables — from website content to white papers, press releases, and formal research studies.

We work with clients to shape a consistent brand “voice” that is informative and engaging to their audiences. Our writers can take your services and customer experiences and transform them into copy that showcases your expertise.

We believe in making the most of all original content that is produced. Any copy that is written should be crossposted or shared on as many platforms as are feasible without creating duplicate copy. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for media opportunities for company news, and will propose creative ways to make your content go further.


Regularly posting new content is an important and often overlooked aspect of website maintenance. It gives visitors a reason to come back to your site and serves as another source for information. Most importantly, blogs and news sections can significantly improve SEO rankings.

We specialize in writing, optimizing and publishing online articles for clients designed to inform readers and improve organic search rankings.

Business Letters

Our collective writing experience has been refined by working closely with a wide variety of industries. We regularly assume our client’s tone, manner and voice to handle documentation and transform their expertise into a well-composed, impactful letters. We research formatting requirements and subject matter to provide the best formal writing submission for the audience.

Policies & Procedures Documentation

Protect your employees and yourself with custom manuals and procedures, specific to your organization. Expectations should be defined in your handbook and policies and procedures. BCS Management will work directly with you to help shape the guidelines for your organization by providing examples and specific references that are in line with your industry standards.

Research Studies

Extensive experience in project management has lead to discussing projects in all phases, and most notably determining if the proposed project is feasible. Our research is done to ensure that a project is legally, technically and economically justifiable. We have the resources and contacts to help complete market studies, feasibility reports and provide location analysis and studies for site selection.